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My guest post at Claudia Heimgartner from

Online brochures are great for building and expanding your reach. You want to present information to your potential customer in an impressive and enjoyable way. With something that he can read directly on the computer.

Digital brochures support your marketing. If your target group can be found online, then you should not do without online brochures.

In my guest contribution to Claudia Heimgartner, I address the following topics, among others:

  • What exactly is an online brochure anyway?
  • What are the advantages of a digital brochure?
  • How to create your digital brochure in 4 steps
  • The right tools for your online brochure
  • What should you pay attention to when creating it?
  • Can you just put your print file online?

In addition to my guest contribution, there was also an expert day on the topic of online brochures. For this I recorded a video for the guest article, in which I explain the most important tips and present tools for creating your digital brochure.

In addition, I briefly showed in a live video how you can create a PDF in Canva and edit it with PDF24 Tools.

You can find both videos in Claudia’s Facebook group:
Marketing boost for your business

Here is the guest article:
Creating an online brochure: Useful tips and tools for beginners

Manuela Aksu Manuela is the founder of Kreativcode and a passionate graphic designer from Munich. On her blog she shares her knowledge about graphic design and gives you useful and easy-to-implement tips that you can use immediately for your business.

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