This is how developers will work and think in 2022

More than 70,000 developers took part in the global “Stack Overflow Developer Survey” in May and answered, among other things, how they learn and which tools they use.

2022 Developer Survey

Acquiring knowledge online is trendy

Compared to the previous year, the acquisition of knowledge online has increased from 60% 70% gone up. According to the survey, it is primarily younger developers who are looking for knowledge online. Respondents over the age of 45 were most likely to have learned from books. People under the age of 18 would often turn to online resources and would be most likely to learn from online courses or certifications.

The people interviewed obtain their knowledge from resources such as videos, blogs or forums (70.91%), educational institutions (62.18%), books (54.48%) or online courses (46.63%).

JavaScript still popular

In the year 2022 is JavaScript Named the most used programming language for the tenth consecutive year (65.36%). Following HTML/CSS (55.08%), SQL (49.43%), python (48.07%), TypeScript (34.83%), Java (33.27%), bash/shell (29.07%), c# (27.98%), C++ (22.55%), PHP (20.87%) and C (19.27%).

Respondents who said they were learning to code named HTML/CSS, JavaScript and python as their preferred technologies.

The most popular programming languages
Most Popular Programming Languages ​​in 2022 (Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey,

Working beyond the job

Similar to last year, the survey shows that respondents continue to be willing to experiment. For example, more than 10,000 said they would like to start or continue development in “Go” or “Rust”. In addition, 66% of professional developers stated that they have at least some influence on the use or acquisition of new technologies in their company.

According to the survey, professional developers are also outside of their professional activity busy with other projects (88%). According to this, almost 73% go to one hobby project after, about 26% contribute to one open source project at, 22.59% are as freelancers or on the go, 14.54% devote themselves school or academic assignments and 14.26% are interested in more start-ups.

Survey site

The complete results of the survey can be accessed online. On the site For the “Stack Overflow Developer Survey”, other areas such as demographics, salaries, etc. can be viewed.

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