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In this post I give you an overview of the top 9 Google Fonts. This short and sweet list will make it easier for you to choose the right fonts for your next web project.

Are you looking for a suitable font for your next web project? You’ve probably been to countless writing portals. It costs you a lot of time to filter out the right one from the multitude of offers. In this case, it is worth taking a look Google Fonts Analytics. There you will find the currently most popular fonts from Google.

What is Google Fonts?

Google Fonts has been around since 2010. It is an interactive directory with more than 1000 fonts. The special thing about it: as a website operator, you can use the fonts freely and pay no license fees.

These are the top 9 fonts in February 2021:


Is one of the most popular Google Fonts. Reader-friendly and equipped with a variety of font styles.

Link to Roboto

Open Sans

The Open Sans was designed by Steve Matteson. It comes in a variety of variants and features cursive styles. The font was widely used shortly after it was published as a web font.

Link to OpenSans


Lato is a sans serif font designed by Ɓukasz Dziedzic. During the development he was supported by Google. Lato is among the most popular fonts.

Link to Lato


The font was created by Julieta Ulanovsky. Old posters and signs in the traditional neighborhood of Montserrat in Buenos Aires inspired her to create this typeface.

Link to Montserrat


Oswald is a free, open-source sans serif typeface available through Google Fonts. Designed by Vernon Adams, it’s available in Light, Normal, and Bold styles.

Link to Oswald

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a sans serif font designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is Adobe’s first open source font. The font consists of 12 font styles.

Link to Source Sans Pro

Slabo 27px

Is specially designed for use in online advertising and other web applications. The font is tuned for use in the pixel size specified in the name.

Link to Slabo 27px


Raleway is an elegant sans serif font. Originally given a weight by Matt McInerney, it was expanded to a 9 weight family in 2012 by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Link to Raleway

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