Offline advertising for an online business – guest article by Hilke Barenthien

Guest contribution by Hilke Barenthien

A on-line business does not need print advertising – that is the popular opinion. Let’s leave it at that for now. I am also a big friend of sustainability and frugal, sensible handling with resources. And yet print advertising makes sense.

A disadvantage of print advertising

print advertising has, similar to television advertising, the big one Disadvantagethat their effects are hardly measurable. While using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook pixels user behavior quite accurately analyze and evaluate leaves, you can only rely on the newspaper or magazine ads media data of the respective publisher and hope that the ad will reach the readers.

But offline advertising is more. Offline advertising can do more.

“At some point someone comes and yells: I need 5,678,234 paper bags immediately! And then I can scream: no problem! There are more in the cupboard under my sink.” It is not without reason that researchers believe that we are descended from hunters and gatherers. Anyone who has ever been to a trade fair knows what I’m talking about. For the sake of collecting, bags, bags and lots of other stuff are taken away. It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or not. main thing to have. The things are dragged into the cave, uh, apartment and stay there. Throwing it away is also out of the question. It’s too beautiful for that, or might prove useful.

advertising works

Now what does the company that commissioned these paper bags get out of the fact that they go moldy under some sink? while the viewing times are often so short on the Internet that they can hardly be measured, the bag keeps falling into the hands of their possessor: in search for a suitable packaging for a present, when tidying up, if someone thinks about taking bags with them when they go shopping … It will happen produced and keeps producing touchpoints.

What does that have to do with your online business now?

The internet is fast moving. Reaching customers takes a lot of time and even more patience. And no sooner have they bought from you than they’re gone again. So it seems reasonable lasting impression close.

you too Much effort with the workbook given on course than it disappearing as a file on some hard drive. Just don’t to press and send it to everyone participantswho registered one week before the course starts. They look forward to the mail from you, sit with a nice printed and bound workbook in your course and afterwards, with luck, it will end up on the shelf and will be consulted again and again.

To the Print Realizing it in such a short time has to be workbook are already completely finished as a printable file and it is advisable to click on a local print shop to fall back. It might be a bit more expensive for that faster and more reliable. Please remember to discuss this as precisely as possible beforehand.

There is no workbook? blocks, notebooks and pencils are also available for this. Have magnets printed with a quote from your course and stay connected “Glue” the whiteboard. Or you advertise a small prize to motivate those who made it through the course to the end and, best of all, reached their goals.

If you don’t do courses but sell goods, add something to it. One Map with a short greeting, preferably handwritten, shows yours Appreciation and stays in memory. Pack the goods in printed materials or seal the box with a sticker with your logo.

Who actually says that you can only advertise an online business online?

No one. Even if your offer can only be found online, you will surely come across real ones every day people in touch. So don’t miss the opportunity to make people aware of you and your work. Putting up posters for “offline” events is completely normal. A concert is now always advertised online as well. Yet site fences, Store window and advertising pillars gluing is still more important here.

What’s stopping you from your online event to apply like this? Depending on what you’re doing exactly, you’ll have to do a bit Looking for and tryuntil you do this right way and above all you found the right place. But believe me it works.

I’m by your side if you just need an insight into the many possibilities or are wondering how best to implement your advertising material if you fail because of the programs or the technical requirements.

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