New sans serif font from »nice to type«

»Takeoff« has just started at the German-Japanese type foundry »nice to type«. Gabriel Richter’s font family has 40 weights on board.

Takeoff (Font)

»Takeoff« with variable possibilities

Take off is a modern and open sans serif font that provides variety with the style variants »Upright«, »Spike«, »Reversed Contrast« and the corresponding »Italics«. The basic structure consists of streamlined forms. Line endings running out horizontally merge into a 15-degree straight line – the Average take-off angle of an airplane.

Aircraft pitched 15 degrees at takeoff Takeoff Flight Board

While the normal “reversed contrast cuts” are intended to provide more airiness and rise more slowly vertically, the “spike version” seems quite fast and rather harsh. The variable font mode allows you to tone down the top-notch display and adapt it to your own ideas. In addition, the four axes “Weight”, “Italic”, “Spike” and “Reversed Contrast” can be combined with one another as desired.

Takeoff variable font

OpenType Features

The OpenType features also include small and superscript figures as well as minuscules, tabular and old-style figures.

Alternative characters from Takeoff Font

In order to give letters that are difficult to recognize, such as the “I” and “l”, a more pleasant start, there is an “I” with serifs and an “l” with a downstroke. Other alternative characters – such as a one-story “a” or three arrow variants – are also on board.

Takeoff boarding pass Takeoff font styles

Prices and Availability

The complete font family with all 40 weights and the variable font is currently available for 405 euros (regular price: 1,500 euros) directly on the nice to type website. In addition, the “Standard Family A” (standard, spike variant and the corresponding italics) for 303 euros (instead of 900 euros) and the “Reversed Contrast Family B” (reversed contrast, reversed contrast spike and the corresponding italics) for 264 euros (regular price: 600 euros) each available as a package. Individual fonts can be purchased for 75 euros.

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