Logo design trends 2022 [“from over 35,000 submissions”]

Bill Gardner researched current trends in logo design. In his “2022 Logo Trend Report” he now presents them in detail.

Logo design trends 2022

For the past 20 years, Bill Gardner has grappled with logo submissions every spring. His collection on LogoLounge currently contains over 380,000 logos.

For the trend research in 2022, more than 35,000 new logos from over 200 countries as well as major rebrandings and international launches were scrutinized.

Logo Design Trends Rooters and Loopers
Bill Gardner researched the Logo Design Trends for 2022 from over 35,000 submitted logos. The image shows some logos that Expert 2022 attributes to the Rooters and Loopers trends. (© Fig.: Bill Gardner/LogoLounge, www.logolounge.com)

Results of the Logo Trend Report

Uvula design trendLogo Trend Report research reveals that wordmarks and typography will play an important role in logo design in 2022. The LogoLounge team sees an important reason for this in the urge of creative people to create visually memorable logos.

According to the report, reversed contrast and playing with intricate letters or creative letter shapes are also in trend. The excessive use of so-called “ink traps” (ink traps) in sans-serif and serif fonts as well as very narrow and delicate condensed variants are also in demand.

The Logo Trend Report summarizes the Trends for 2022 under the terms »BowTies«, »Uvula«, »Rooters«, »Reverse Stress«, »Loopers«, »Over Arching«, »Whiplash«, »Hand Dots«, »Super Traps«, »Pinched«, »VariRay« , Tight, Almonds, Trellis, and Macaroni together.

On the LogoLounge website Learn more about the research results. The respective trends are also explained there using exemplary illustrations.

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