How online brochures fit into your marketing

Guest article by Claudia Heimgartner

There are countless ways to present our knowledge, our range and our services and to show them to our potential customers: from printed matter such as flyers to digital documents and Facebook posts.

But how do you know what is right for you, your business and your desired customers?

Let’s take a little journey through your marketing here.

At the beginning there is your desired customer

Let’s stay on topic online brochures. So you want to know if and how this medium fits into your marketing strategy:

First, I recommend you take a good look at your customer avatar again. If you have not yet created such a representative for your target group, you will find instructions with a PDF download for your here “Favorite Customer Profile”. Because even when planning a new marketing activity, you need to know: Does it suit my target customer? Do my desired customers use this channel? Do my potential customers have an affinity for this format?

So that means you have to have yours Know your target customers very well. You need to know whether your customer likes to read, whether and what kind of pictures appeal to him, in which medium (PC, tablet, cell phone) he consumes digital content, etc.
You take this knowledge into account when creating and distributing your online brochure.

But we’re not that far yet – how to use your digital documents for your marketingcomes below.

Is (your)an online brochure right for you?

An essential point that you should not neglect is to ensure that your marketing material also applies to you and your business, i.e. yours corporate identity must fit. For example, if you feel uncomfortable working and interacting digitally, then online media (maybe not yet) make no sense.

It is certainly important to leave your comfort zone from time to time or to try something new if all other marketing measures have not worked so far.

But always consider whether you can stand behind it with your values ​​and your authenticity, because only then are you credible. How to create content that will delight your customers and also suit you you can read here.

The format has to pop

If you have decided on an online brochure, then give it your all! Because let’s be honest, boring brochures that offer nothing more than a list of services that we have already seen in a similar form a thousand times are a dime a dozen.

It is clear that your documents are always yours Corporate Design have to be adjusted. Stick to your colors, fonts, and writing style! Emphasize how your offering differs from that of your competitors. Show what solutions you provide for the problems of your desired customers. Describe how your customer feels when their problem is solved.

AND: be imaginative! Do something new, something unusual. Surprise your readers and amaze them with something they won’t soon forget. This is how you and your offer stay in people’s minds.

Let readers interact

A great advantage of digital media is that we can make them interactive. Manuela explains how this works in this blog post.

You know it yourself: it’s much easier to just click on an email address than to have to laboriously type it in. It is super practical if you can fill out questionnaires, forms, etc. directly in the document and send them on.

Always do it to your potential clients as easy as possible to get in touch with you and to send you the necessary information for a cooperation.

Use your digital documents for your marketing

Now you and your graphic designer have put a lot of effort into it and burned a lot of brain power, then the effort should be worth it!

Make your work visible! In order to win customers, you have to show them that you exist, what you offer and how you differentiate yourself from other competitors. The best way to do this is with your online brochure!

Use simple ways of your everyday marketing to show your online brochure:

  • First, of course, you show them prominently on your website.
  • Link them in your email signature.
  • Create a suitable cover photo for your Facebook page and link to the brochure in the call-to-action button (directly below the cover photo on the right).
  • Post them with a brief description in promotional posts in Facebook groups where your prospects are (and are allowed).
  • Create pins for Pinterest.
  • Make and schedule appropriate posts for each of your channels periodically before.

Reuse your content

You don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. Once you create a great brochure, reuse text, images, and graphics.

Use this content as inspiration for a blog post, for example (do not copy one to one, of course). Use them when describing your offer or when you talk about how you can help your desired customers. Take out parts and create a small introductory video.

As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination and with a unique online brochure you have an ingenious basis for many other marketing materials.

How about you? Do you have an online brochure? how do you spread them Write me your answers in the comments, I look forward to it!

Claudia Heimgartner is a passionate marketing coach. With her you get marketing explained simply. It shows self-employed and those who want to become self-employed how they can become visible with their company.

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