»Fluent Emoji Library« for download [“Large library from Microsoft”]

Microsoft provides most of its extensive emoji library as open source in Figma and on Github. The files are available in different styles and variants.

After a major revision of Microsoft Emojis last year (see Video), now comes the Announcing the open source library.

The Redmond hardware and software developer presents the “Fluent Emojis” as a large collection of colorful and friendly-looking emojis – and this is actually quite extensive.

Fluent Emoji Microsoft

In addition to smileys, the library also contains hands, feet, arms, ears, animals, plants, decorative elements and much more that can be combined. In addition, the elements are often available in different representations such as “3D”, “Flat”, “High Contrast” etc. or in different skin tones and colors.

The files are stored under a MIT license provided. They can be exported in SVG or PNG format (3D style) from the Figma website and Github project page download.

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