Eighty Days – eBook by Gerhard M. Buurman

During the first wave of Corona, Gerhard M. Buurman sent 80 essays to his students, which, among other things, reflect the experiences of that time. The »Contemporary Reader for the Target Group« is now available as an e-book.

Eighty Days (eBook) Eighty days (Fig. 1)

The essays date from the time of the first Corona wave (April to August 2020), but follow the more fundamental curiosity with what interest, what legitimation and with what consequences people intervene in their worlds, rebuild and change them.

The e-book thus has 179 pages. Each essay includes an illustration, an artistic association and references to something new or historical reading material.

Eighty days (Fig. 2) Eighty days (Fig. 4) Eighty days (Fig. 3)

the publication is aimed at students of architecture, design, art, digital media, ethics and economics as well as at those interested in design. »Eighty Days« is available for 7.99 euros Apple Books available (ePUB-ISBN: 978-3-9824809-0-9, PDF-ISBN: 978-3-9824809-1-6).

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