Crowdfunding: design projects in summer

During the summer time, design projects worth seeing ask for support via crowdfunding. Here are a few projects to look forward to.


YOCA is a 75-card deck designed to enable anyone to create a variety of yoga sequences themselves. Each of the illustrations is inspired by a real yogi or yogini – mostly close friends of Renée Fuchs, who is behind the project. The project engineer, yoga teacher and designer got the idea for this illustrated card set during the Corona pandemic when the studios were closed and she could only practice from home. Online yoga was out of the question for her and that’s how YOCA was born.

yoga cards

The crowdfunding will continue for a few days. The card set can be booked in advance for 21 euros in the »Early Bird«.

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Hidden Games Hangover: The dead don’t freeze

The minds behind Hidden Games want to bring out a board game that should delight fans of crime fiction, crime interiors, escape rooms, role-playing games and puzzles of all kinds. The whole thing runs under the term »Crime Dinner+«. Unlike other crime dramas, many cell phone interactions are planned. All participants play together and are faced with the task of solving puzzles – without any disguise or compulsory food.

Hidden Games Hangover: The dead don't freeze

You can participate in crowdfunding until August 8, 2022 and book copies for 27 euros, for example.

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Journey of a Troubled Mind

Journey of a troubled mind

Uroš Savić would like to realize a graphic novel of a different kind. Inspired by classic fantasy novels, mythology, pop art, stories like Alice in Wonderland or The Little Prince, the story initially appears like a typical fairy tale about a hero’s journey. However, hidden between the pages is a diary of the unconscious, a kind of mirror for a darker side of human nature.

Graphic novel illustrations

Digital editions can be reserved for 15 Swiss francs. The printed edition costs from 36 CHF. If the crowdfunding works, delivery in February 2023 can be expected.

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All New Commodore 64x

The C64 with today’s technology: Three models are to become available – including the “DIY model” in a barebones housing, the “Extreme model” compatible with Windows 11 and Linux and the “Ultimate model” suitable for PC games «. With USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFi, 8 GB memory (expandable to 64 GB), 512 GB NVME hard drive, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity, the “All new Commodore 64x” is said to offer many other features.

All New Commodore C64x

The financing target has already been significantly exceeded. The delivery of the respective models is scheduled to start in April 2023.

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Mojo84 Mechanical Keyboard

mojo 84

MelGeek plans to produce a small and mechanical keyboard. After the successful financing of the Mojo68, another keyboard is now planned with the Mojo84. This should offer custom buttons, improved housing and a transparent design.

You can participate in crowdfunding and secure a copy of the keyboard in advance for 179 US dollars. Delivery is scheduled to start in September.

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