5 tips for good web texts

Guest contribution by Sirit Coeppicus

Good texts don’t just fall out of the sky and are above all more than a string of words. You can reach your target group with good ideas, targeted preliminary work and appropriate stylistic devices.

Goods content and added value for the reader is important, even if texts online rather be scanned and not read! That’s all the more important text structurethe stylistic device, SEOsuch as visual! From where I know this? I’ve been a copywriter and editor for years. Think Offers include the writing of online and print texts, as well as – more and more – individual text advice for companies and private individuals.

If you want your texts found and to be readthen come here 5 tips for you!

Tip 1: Writing takes space and time

Before you even write a first word: create to you a room Therefore. By space I don’t mean 4 walls around you. I mean, make up your mind deliberately to write, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Create the conditions you need to write. This is different for everyone. Some need Quietsome hear it music. Others can only at home write, others better in one Coffee shop. What are your desired conditions for writing?

Tip 2: The title is your fishing hook

Use the title of your text like one Bait on the hook and attract your readers! In addition, the title should contain the main keyword, since the h1 heading is highly relevant for search engines.

“My trip to Nicaragua” may be a title that fits exactly what your text is about, but it doesn’t work. Better is “My three most exciting experiences in Nicaragua” or “The most magical places on the Loire”. Of course, the range of title types is huge. Use emotional and Curious terms. Show the reader that your text added value contains and special tips or something that strikes a chord.

Look through your reader’s eyes. What is the distress of your reader, what does he need and what does he not yet know? Where is the added value for him or what can he take away from your text? tips and tricks are always well received by the readership! But of course they should honest and authentic be!

Tip 3: Avoid boring sentences

Easier said than done, right? Sentences often consist of a main clause and one or two subordinate clauses. They contain compound verbs and the tenses of the verbs often change within a text. On the one hand this is not good and on the other hand the reader gets lost in such texts. make it easy for him Write short sentences and bring something peppy and refreshing in. Write in a clear and understandable way.

Example: “The man didn’t respond directly. The woman at the register said it was already paid. He didn’t understand. She repeated it. Then he looked around, puzzled. I got on my bike and rode away. And I was happy!”

The excerpt is from one of mine web lyrics. There is life in the sentence and the reader has a vague idea of ​​the situation.

Or as a well-known blogger put it: “Creative writing starts where you dare to stick your head out of the gray crowd. It makes you a sore thumb. You go from a shapeless wobbly monster to a figure with rough edges.” (Source: Walter Epp)

Tip 4: Stylistic devices are important

Online texts (unlike print texts) contain stylistic devicelike this one:

  • Subheadings (in h2, h3)
  • Bold/italics or underlining
  • enumerations
  • Internal/External Links
  • call to action

The latter actively involves the reader and is usually at the end of your text. For example, it can be a question be (“What is your experience with storytelling?”), one request (“Write me your desired travel destinations”) or a a notice (“Read more about rhetoric here”).

Tip 5: Good texts need good pictures

This point should almost come first. In my opinion, there is hardly anything worse than texts consisting only of words. visual sticks better than words! Bring in a text of at least 800 to 900 words 4 to 5 matching and good quality pictures under! One of them is already the post or cover image. How often do I see pictures in which people are only shown with half a head or without feet. Or images are integrated that are simply out of focus or poorly exposed.

Also make sure that the pictures loading time don’t slow down your site and are responsive! Need a reader half eternity loading your site with a mobile device, it’s usually gone.

The list of tips is long. The design of the first paragraph, SEO, sentence structure, choice of words, rhetorical devices are part of my service. If you would like to know more, would like advice or need help with writing texts, please get in touch!

As a freelance copywriter and editor, I write texts for websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers and marketing products. My texts adapt like a chameleon to the different topics and target groups. I also work with a network of experts from various industries. Since May 2018 I have had a blog next to my Textwelle page: July Hearts. Because I support mothers who are (or want to be) self-employed, I am the organizer of MomPreneurs. Please leave me a message, a like or a comment on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can find my media data and my portfolio here.

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