5 reasons why a graphic designer is essential to your success


Design is a powerful communication and marketing tool. Regardless of your industry and target group. Creation and design can be used anywhere and is of great importance for your company in everyday life.

Like you, many self-employed people and entrepreneurs have difficulties in drawing attention to themselves and in distinguishing themselves from other companies in the market. Your visibility with your target group is also a big challenge.

What are the requirements of a good design? How can you stand out from the competition with a professional design? How does your message get through to the target group?

I answer these questions in this article. I will also show you reasons why a graphic designer is indispensable for the design of your marketing material.

Reason 1: Professional design for your marketing

Graphic design is a visual tool that helps you successfully market your ideas and products. With professionally designed marketing material, you not only leave a positive impression, but also create a connection between you and your potential customer.

Good design primarily represents you and your company. If you have a visible strategy in your design, you give the impression that you stand behind your company and work professionally.

To create impressive marketing materials, you need the help of a graphic designer. For example, he designs branding, logo, packaging, magazine, brochure, flyer, landing page and website.

If you employ employees, you increase the commitment and cohesion of your employees with a high-quality design. It strengthens your company from within when your employees identify with the company. You will proudly present the company to the outside world and tell others about it.

An amateurish-looking design has a negative effect on your public image. This gives the impression that you cannot or do not want to afford professional design. As a result, your potential client will not trust your work. Because if you don’t attach any importance to how you present yourself on the market, why should your customer trustingly place his projects in your hands?

Reason 2: Experiences, skills and quality

A graphic designer has design talent, is creative and has learned his craft. He is highly qualified and an expert in his field. He often has many years of experience in classic advertising or online agencies or in the marketing departments of larger companies.

As a result, he has overseen a variety of design projects, worked with marketing professionals, solved problems and developed graphic skills in various fields. He is also experienced in dealing with design programs and knows the design standards.

A graphic designer also has the ability to visually showcase your business. He not only incorporates your expertise and personality into the design. He also takes your target group into account and manages to present your company in the best possible light.

Reason 3: An investment that pays off

As a self-employed person and entrepreneur, you naturally look at your expenses. And maybe the costs for a graphic designer seem (too) high at first glance.

Find a professional who specializes in the area you need. If you only need someone to do print advertising, then you shouldn’t be working with a UI/UX or screen designer. Because he has focused on the design of interfaces and websites.

The search for a suitable graphic designer can be time-consuming. But you should definitely take this time. How to find the right graphic designer is described in detail in this article.

My recommendation: If you hand over the design to an external graphic designer, do not use platforms where you can get cheap logos or flyers. The offer may sound tempting at first, but in the end it is an off-the-shelf design and not individually tailored to you – because this is the only way the work of a designer on such portals is profitable.

Of course you can take the trouble and learn a design program or deal with the rules in design. But think about what you can do and implement for your company during this time. A design program doesn’t just learn itself alongside day-to-day business.

Therefore, it is definitely worth handing over the graphics to a professional. He’ll spend a lot less time implementing it than if you put your hands on it.

If you want to know how you can save time and money with an optimal briefing from your graphic designer, be sure to read this article. There you will also find a suitable checklist.

Reason 4: Improved readability of your content

If you have a product that needs to be explained in more detail, a graphic designer will approach the implementation differently than if you want a simple flyer with your services, for example.

In order to create striking marketing documents in the creative process, he uses suitable graphics, diagrams, infographics or similar. He uses modern fonts, suitable colors and a visual world tailored to you. The arrangement of the elements depends on the corresponding media and formats that the graphic artist creates. He always keeps an eye on the fact that the design benefits your offer and that your content is presented in a clear and structured manner.

An experienced graphic designer knows exactly how to optimize text and images so that no questions remain unanswered, even with complicated content.

Working out the right concept and structure for your design is an important part of the design process. Here you will find an overview of the “5 phases of a successful graphic design project”.

Reason 5: Personal care and fast delivery

When working with agencies, you don’t have direct contact with the graphic designer. Communication usually involves several people. The project process is more complex because it runs through different channels and people. This means that you won’t see your design right away once the artist has worked out initial ideas. Internal coordination rounds take place before it goes out to you as a customer.

If you have change requests and corrections, it goes back through several channels and the process starts all over again. This complicates and lengthens the design process considerably.

When working with a freelance graphic designer, on the other hand, you benefit from the advantages of intensive 1-to-1 support. You have a direct contact person and since there are no internal coordination rounds, the design process is much easier and you get your desired design faster.

In addition, the graphic designer must understand you, your dreams and visions so that he can get a comprehensive picture and incorporate this into the design. And you can clarify that wonderfully in a personal conversation at the beginning.

My tip: if you aim to work with a graphic designer on a regular basis, be sure to discuss what happens in the event of illness. You can easily plan your vacation in a timely manner. But illness cannot be planned and should therefore be intercepted, for example, by a substitute.


In addition to a good offer, you also need professional and high-quality marketing documents for your success. Your expertise and personality should definitely be reflected in the design and tailored to your target group.

With a graphic designer by your side, you not only have the perfect support for the implementation of your ideas, but successful cooperation also brings you more customers and more sales. Next week we’ll take a closer look at what you should do before you start working with an artist.

Are you looking for graphical support? Let’s talk about your project. I’m looking forward to your message.

Manuela Aksu Manuela is the founder of Kreativcode and a passionate graphic designer from Munich. On her blog she shares her knowledge about graphic design and gives you useful and easy-to-implement tips that you can use immediately for your business.

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